Automatic Sales Lead Qualification 

Qualifying your prospects based upon their online behavior for more leads

Knowledge is everything... by monitoring your contacts activities, popcorn Direct eMail Marketing will automatically rate your contacts as prospects (hot, warm, cool & recent), which means more qualified leads for your business. This is done by tracking your contacts from the point that they directly open your eMail, through to the pages they look at on your website. This builds a behavioral profile for your prospects which are automatically rated to give you more qualified leads.

Some of the criteria our Direct eMail Marketing system qualifies your prospects on include:

  • Frequency of eMail opens from a direct eMail
  • Number of pages viewed on your website 
  • Specific links clicked in your direct eMail
  • Returning visits to either your eMail or website
  • Specific pages visited on your website
  • Number of pages viewed on your website
  • Visits to social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)


The ratings can be personalised to suit your business and prospect behaviour, ensuring that popcorn Direct eMail Marketing qualifies you more leads and saves you time. 

 This is a great way of generating more leads - if a prospect opens a Direct eMail, clicks on a couple of links and then visits my website a few times over the week - it is usually a positive indicator that they are interested in our services -  Alkaline Design & Marketing  


Once your prospects have been rated they are then displayed on your dashboard for easy follow up, or you can drill down through your Direct eMail Marketing campaign statistics. At any point in the process, you can click on a prospects name to get direct access to their full details in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, where you can add notesreminders or segment them in targeted future Direct eMail campaigns, which will create more qualified leads.


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